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Orochon Ramen challenges spice-lovers

Only a few blocks away from USC in Little Tokyo lies a quaint restaurant serving the infamous, spiciest ramen soup “on the planet.” Featured on Man vs. Food, Orochon Ramen has become a popular restaurant for another reason: its notorious challenge. The famous Special #2 is what many flock to the restaurant to try. Customers […]

American Vintage is rare find

While waiting to be seated at the well-known Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose Avenue, I decided to explore the nearby shops. Turns out I barely had to walk 10 feet before I struck gold. I’m always in search of fabulous vintage anything, and in my experience, it’s hard to find. American Vintage has everything from […]

Trio House offers delicious variety

If you’re sick of ordering from TG Express, but still looking for a good pan-Asian restaurant, look no further than Trio House on Figueroa and 30th streets. Though the nondescript appearance of this restaurant might mean you’ve never noticed it while walking to the 901 Bar & Grill or down to Taco Bell, once you’ve […]

Labor Day weekend event guide

For USC students, Labor Day weekend offers a welcome break to the busyness and early chaos that starts off each academic year. While attending or watching this Saturday’s opening USC football game against Minnesota is a no-brainer, there’s still ample time for other activities. In particular, the three-day weekend is a great opportunity to explore […]

African Fashion Week events declare new kind of style

This September, Arise Magazine — an arts-and-culture publication specializing in the African fashion scene — will hold its third annual “Made in Africa” show, a collective showcase of high-end clothing by some of Africa’s most popular designers. During its showcase at the exclusive Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, the show promises cultural extravaganzas and a […]

Taylor Swift ‘speaks now’ at Staples Center

Taylor Swift. Whether you hate her or love her, there is no denying the girl knows how to perform. The 20-year-old country-pop superstar kicked off the California portion of her “Speak Now” tour this past week with four consecutive sold-out shows at the Staples Center in LA Live. The show, more of a performance than […]

Free-to-play games are a win-win for all

Instead of selling games as a pay once, play forever-type model, many online games are being offered as free-to-play, with additional charges for extra features. One such highly successful models is League of Legends. Just last year, Brandon Beck, co-founder of the company that makes League of Legends, visited USC to speak at the 2011 […]

Sanya provides affordable, delicious Korean BBQ

College students enjoy having a multitude of options when it comes to dining, but it is can be hard to find affordable dining ins Los Angeles. Venues have to meet the criteria of being close by, inexpensive expensive and worth the money in the deliciousness meter. Fortunately, there are many options only a few minutes […]

Crown of India worth the drive

After a busy afternoon of shopping on Melrose Avenue, my mother and I came across Crown of India, quite unexpectedly. From past experiences of eating Indian food in my hometown, New York City, it seems to be a cuisine that either induces stomachaches or satisfies all the right cravings. Crown of India is the latter. […]

UV food court is hidden gem after all

The University Village food court often appears to be a wasteland of mediocre ethnic food. Though there are more than 10 establishments occupying a vaulted room in USC’s resident strip mall, students have long lamented the greasy, overpriced food and run-down appearance. I decided to put this reputation to the test and embark upon a […]