CREAM: The delicious taste of novelty

CREAM’s opening this past weekend saw mountains of delicious ice cream, decadent cookies, and inhumanly long lines. Oh, the lines. The opening of CREAM drew humongous crowds for many of the same reasons that it will become the popular ice cream sandwich place: mostly, it’s delicious and also cheap — the sweet spot that launches […]

Both Democrats and Republicans should fully invest in resolving the Hillary Clinton email controversy

A week ago, The New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton, during the time that she served as secretary of state, corresponded exclusively through a personal email rather than through the government provided system. The extent of her usage of a personal account for government business is unheard of for her position, and should be […]

Suicide prevention on social media is a big step forward

Facebook just recently implemented a new suicide prevention plan that aims to identify people who may be feeling suicidal. Friends can report whether someone has written a concerning post, and that will generate an automated response to direct that person to available options for help. The new tool has great potential to save lives, and demonstrates that […]

House of Cards and real world connections

**SPOILER ALERT** For those coping with severe withdrawal symptoms, Friday was a fabulous day for the House of Cards addict. After that brief tease a few weeks ago, Season Three is here to stay. When Season Two wrapped up with that breathtaking scene of Frank in the Oval Office, a lot of viewers were probably […]

This title is a lie

This sentence is false. If the preceding statement is true, then it is false, and if it is false, then it is true. The paradox is a twist of logic and language that contradicts itself, ultimately rendering itself meaningless. For the aspiring philosophy major, the statement is a reminder of just how easy it is […]

Netanyahu, Boehner’s political agenda deals a blow to the nation

Tomorrow, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, will be delivering a controversial address before Congress about policies affecting Iran’s nuclear program. The subject of the address, however, has nothing to do with the controversy. What makes this meeting odd is that Netanyahu was invited by Speaker of the House John Boehner who failed to […]

The standard for A’s needs to change

Anne Hall, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, was quoted last week in The New York Times as saying over the years, “the student [has] bec[o]me the customer who’s always right.” To a large extent, she’s right. I came to college expecting challenging courses and I definitely heard about them — in the science […]

Gender equality in China: What happens after marriage?

When you think China, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t gender equality. And why should it be, when many agricultural families still prefer boys to girls, and even urban families are mainly concerned with marrying their daughter off into a good family. So maybe I wasn’t the only one (pleasantly) surprised when […]

Dr. Davis and Diversity

“I have a hard time accepting diversity as a synonym for justice.” – Dr. Angela Davis When a legend speaks, it’s best to listen. Around 850 people lined up to spend an evening with civil rights leader Dr. Angela Davis on Monday evening, many of them students, many of them grateful members of the surrounding […]