Dynasty sure to emerge in 2015

The Pac-12 Championship Game. That’s my expectation for this upcoming season. Not a national championship or one of the four national playoff spots, or even winning the Pac-12 Championship. Just getting to the conference title game. That should be the barometer for a successful season in the Coliseum. That’s not saying that a Pac-12 title […]

Jordan Spieth becoming a legend

Golf can certainly be looked down upon as a sport for athletically inept, rich old men who like to drink beer.  But, those are just stereotypes of a sport that is on the brink of what could be one of its most exciting eras in recent history. Young gun Jordan Spieth has just entered legendary […]

Garrett Stubbs has what it takes

What elevates a great player to superstardom is the intangibles — the things you can’t teach. They could have a great jump shot or a hot bat, but they’ll never be Michael Jordan or Babe Ruth without the qualities that made both of those athletes the best in the game. Sometimes you can identify this […]

LeBron James criticism is unjust

There are few sports figures more polarizing than LeBron James in today’s sports world.  Yes, there’s Alex Rodriguez, known steroid user; Tiger Woods, cheating husband; and Ray Rice, infamous wife beater, but LeBron doesn’t have the same off-court issues that any of these superstars do.  He is a family man, well-spoken and polite to reporters. […]

Baseball embodies meaning of fight on

There have been defining moments in my time as a Trojan when “fight on” wasn’t just a phrase, but a palpable feeling, a moment in time that I wish I could put in my back pocket and save for a rainy day. On Sunday, I went to sleep after midnight, exhausted and heartbroken after watching […]

Honoring athletes who have served

Memorial Day is often thought of as the kickoff to summer, a day filled with polo shirts, barbecues and sports. But this day is really about remembering and honoring those we lost who have gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted daily. The sports world does not stop for […]

Rockets series win was historic

I should probably open this column by stating that I am from Houston, or Clutch City, and have been a Rockets fan my entire life. The team’s recent performance, however, is historic and deserving of praise from more than just Rocket fans. Only eight other teams in the NBA have ever come back from a 3-1 […]

The NFL Draft is a lot like graduation

Today’s the big day for a number of former Trojans — the highly anticipated 2015 NFL Draft is finally here. The lifelong dreams of 32 young players will come true tonight in Chicago when they receive a call on their smart phones from a member of a team’s front office — sharing the good news […]

A tribute to a storied journalist

This article has nothing to do with USC sports. For my last column of the year, I will be going on a completely personal tangent. But if you enjoyed any of the other articles I’ve written in my Daily Trojan career, then bear with me for just a bit. When I look back on my […]

Football promises exciting 2015

As we enter the final week of classes, I have mixed feelings about the upcoming months. For most college students, summer means getting a job or an internship and discovering a taste of life after college. But the beginning of summer means we’re that much closer to the end of summer, which means we’re that […]