Rob Cohen’s ‘The Hurricane Heist’ explores climate change

With over 25 credits to his name, including The Fast and the Furious and xXx: State of the Union, director Rob Cohen returns to the silver screen with The Hurricane Heist, a thrilling action movie about a multimillion-dollar heist that occurs in the midst of a category-5 hurricane. The film is an addition to Cohen’s long list of action movies, a genre he came to love during his brief stint with Miami Vice.

#MeToo should include athletes

Sunday night marked one of many times in which the world of sports spills over into pop culture, politics and art. Kobe Bryant took center stage at the 90th Annual Academy Awards, scooping up his first Oscar win for the animated short Dear Basketball. As the king of Los Angeles basketball accepted an award in […]

T-Time: LAFC hits MLS at the perfect time

With the future of American football becoming increasingly blurry due to safety concerns, numerous business people and celebrities are investing in soccer teams for cheap, expecting it to become the country’s next major sport.

Poe’s Perspective: NCAA is in need of systemic change

I’m tired of hearing about the FBI investigation into the NCAA. It was good drama for the first few weeks, and it’s certainly kept pretty much every sports journalist in the country busy since last fall. But at this point, I’ve realized that this obsession over recruiting needs to end. When it comes to systemic […]

Jung Money: USC hoops is not a lost cause yet

There is a heuristic in human psychology called the peak-end rule. It’s a pretty logical, straightforward principle, which posits that people judge events based on basic criteria: the event’s “peak” — its most intense point, whether positive or negative — and its conclusion. In sports, this phenomenon is even simpler because, as fans, the end […]