Plenty of Pac-12 memories this year

Well, it’s over. The Pac-12 football season came and went in a flurry of exhausting games, thrilling finishes and broken records. With only Friday’s conference championship left to play, a solid half of the Pac-12 can claim a spot in the College Football Playoff rankings, with three of those teams in the top-15. No. 2 […]

Helmets represent USC’s transition

There was something different about the way the USC football team looked Saturday. The Trojans’ win last week was reminiscent of a very similar victory six weeks earlier, but with one key difference. On Oct. 18, the Trojans dominated a weak Colorado team in an afternoon game at the Coliseum, winning by a final score […]

Sports serve to connect the world

It’s a crisp fall morning in Southern Californian suburbia, the kind where leaving the warmth of home makes my breath create wispy streams of condensation that trail me as I run to the end of our driveway, where the day’s copy of the Los Angeles Times sat in the same spot every morning for almost […]

Trojans need to address problems

USC’s loss to the Bruins on Saturday exposed a lot of the team’s shortcomings, but there remain some more systemic flaws which have led to the Trojans’ poor performance later in games this season. The keys to a win over Notre Dame will lie in avoiding some major weaknesses in the Trojans’ game plan. 1. […]