Pac-12 craziness could end this week

I’m not exactly the first to say this, but whatever makes college football make sense stopped working last week. In a three-day span starting on Thursday, 11 ranked teams lost, including four of the top six squads in the nation. After upset wins from Mississippi State and Ole Miss, a state with three FBS programs […]

Coaching is not always to blame

It was a controversial call. I knew a lot of the student body would disagree with it. But when my father made the offer, I knew I couldn’t pass it down. On Saturday, I decided to take my talents to Chavez Ravine.   I skipped the Arizona State game and instead went to see the […]

ASU loss comes down to Wilcox

I don’t remember what happened to the Trojans this weekend, and no, it’s not for the reason most folks would expect of a college student on game day. It’s because in the rush of having to step on the field to interview players, tweeting out the final result of USC’s game against ASU (which I […]

Trojans lacking team identity

With about eight minutes left in the USC-Arizona State game, I had my entire column planned out. USC was driving, chewing up the clock with a powerful running attack against a worn-out Arizona State defense. Maybe USC head coach Steve Sarkisian’s maddening offensive calls for three quarters had a purpose, to wear down a team. […]

Arizona State a constant bother

I hate Arizona State. I mean, I really, really, really hate Arizona State. My animosity toward that university goes back to my freshman year at USC. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Freshman year, I was still with my high school boyfriend (dumb, I know), who went to Arizona State. Naturally, I jumped […]

Pac-12 home to plenty of QB talent

Each week, ESPN’s Pac-12 college football blog ranks the conference’s top-five quarterbacks. Though the list is an attempt to showcase notable performances more than anything else, this Tuesday’s rankings — which put USC redshirt junior Cody Kessler in the fifth slot — got me thinking. If you had to start a college football team, which […]

Women of Troy must turn it around

To call the women’s volleyball team’s match against Washington today a rivalry game is a bit of an understatement. Though UCLA certainly still occupies the spot of Public Enemy No. 1 for Trojan sports in general, this battle between the Huskies and the Women of Troy is sure to be a particularly emotional one considering […]

USC has to clean up sloppy play

For Trojan fans, it’s going to be easy to look forward to ASU this weekend — but they shouldn’t let last Saturday’s game against Oregon State out of the rearview mirror just yet. The contest against the Beavers was the ugliest 35-10 win I’ve ever seen. Some of us will point to the 7:30 p.m. […]

USC has room to improve this year

The college football season follows a predictable pattern each year. Early on, a number of teams have standout performances, with each squad making their case for elite status. Then injuries, upsets and conference play start, and the season begins to fall into focus. This generally happens at the end of September, when almost everything crystalizes. […]

Saturday could be a turning point

Enough about Boston College already. As one of the sports editors of this newspaper, I’ve read the phrase, “Coming off a 37-31 loss to unranked Boston College, the 18th-ranked Trojan football team is focused on preparing for Oregon State” countless times over the past two weeks, and I’ve been guilty of inserting it into other […]