Friday’s match is worth your time

This Friday night, the USC women’s soccer team hosts archrival UCLA at the Coliseum. I will be there. Not because I have to cover the game — our excellent beat writers Ben Albert and Paolo Uggetti can take care of that. Not because our football team is in the middle of another long, boring bye […]

CFP poll should add BCS touch

The big news around the country this week has been surrounding the midterm elections. But the poll I was most interested in seeing Tuesday wasn’t any Gallup poll, expected voter poll or exit poll. It was the College Football Playoff’s Week 11 poll. The College Football Playoff system replaced the Bowl Championship Series this year […]

Rugby alive and well at USC

Photos by Mariya Dondonyan. There are few sports more commonly misunderstood by Americans than rugby. Like cricket, Formula One racing and, to a lesser degree, tennis, rugby has escaped the perennial American spotlight perhaps because it lacks the intrinsic “American” qualities invoked by games invented by Americans themselves: football, baseball and basketball. But football as […]

WSU win showed Trojans’ character

There is nothing quite like a trip to Pullman, Washington to remind you of the stuff that makes college football special. Sometimes, all it takes is a visit to the most remote locale in the Pac-12 to rediscover the real spirit of the game. USC’s matchup against Washington State on Saturday wasn’t anything spectacular. The […]

USC gets into the holiday spirit

On Wednesday I headed out to USC football practice and asked a few players about their favorite Halloween traditions. I originally wanted to ask them what they were going to dress up as for Halloween, but I realized that they’d be on the road for their matchup at Washington State this Saturday, so they’re unable […]

Trojans headed in the right direction

The USC football team has not met expectations this season. That much is abundantly clear. No matter how impressive of a product the Trojans have put onto the field at times, they have been nowhere near consistent enough to compete for a Pac-12 title, let alone a spot in the NCAA playoff. Whether coaching, execution, […]

Safe play calling is not USC’s problem

Rick Neuheisel offered the most interesting prediction  I heard of USC’s game this past Saturday. It was interesting not because he pretty much hit the nail on the head with his projected result, but because of the explanation he offered behind it and the fact that he offered it a week in advance. On the […]

Crucial tests still to come for USC

This week’s column was supposed to be about the USC rugby team, but the Trojans found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for the second time in four weeks on Saturday. My colleague and fellow Daily Trojan sports columnist Jake Davidson outlined the reasons for the loss, calling the Trojans “just […]

Coaching kills USC in loss to Utah

The USC football team was finally exposed Saturday night. A team that has been defined thus far by playing “not-to-lose” against quality opponents, lost. With only four games left in the season, it might be a wise time for the coaching staff to reexamine their offensive philosophy. The fourth quarter followed what has become a […]

USC fans should root for Kiffin

I miss Lane Kiffin. There, I said it. Following a disastrous 2012 campaign which saw the preseason No. 1-ranked Trojans slide to a 7-6 record, losing five of their last six games, Kiffin was on thin ice with USC administration and fans, but I always had a soft spot for the Nebraska-born bruiser. My freshman […]