Recruiting drama is a guilty pleasure

The other day, I caught myself doing something embarrassing. I was perusing the internet and realized that I was looking up recruiting rankings. But not just glancing. I was legitimately researching. And what’s more, I was legitimately caring. I somehow found these kids and their impending decisions important. To many, this is all just part […]

Sunday a reminder of Carroll’s greatness

The Super Bowl is finally over: The media circus has subsided, the game has been played, snacks were devoured, Tim Tebow got a contract to talk about how he didn’t need a contract and, oh yeah, the Seahawks won. They didn’t just win: They made the game boring. At halftime it was 22-0 with an […]

Signing day is a false sign of success

Tomorrow marks one of the single most hectic days on the sports calendar — National Signing Day. If a petition does not yet exist to make this day a national holiday in the United States, then we’ve failed as a society. If the United States’ 21st century obsession with reality television is any indication, then […]