Fiona Apple making her comeback to music

It’s nice to know that Fiona Apple is coming back. When she first hit the scene with her debut album, the multi-platinum Tidal, she was 19-years-old, a frail-looking waif of a girl with enormous, haunting eyes and a powerful, throaty voice that surprised listeners and defied the tiny body from which it came. But Apple […]

Cultural stigmas limit comic book audience

When people think of comics, most unfortunately hold very dated and cliché views of the medium. That’s why so many articles and superhero movie reviews have the trite words “Pow!” “Wham!” “Bam!” headlines. This has some unfortunate consequences: Parents taking their kids to very mature films like The Dark Knight or Watchmen, for example, because […]

Diverse comics top superhero storylines

When people think of comic books, they tend to think of superheroes. It’s not surprising; the superhero genre originated in comic books. It was the dominant genre after censorship in the 1950s restricted the industry, and now the phrase “comic book movie” is used synonymously with “superhero movie.” But comics are about more than this […]