Stone shines in her breakout role

Well, I guess we now know what would happen if Diablo Cody took a Tony Montana-sized bump of coke, went on a weeklong VH1’s I Love The …s bender and then sat down and wrote a screenplay. Yup, she’d write Easy A. For sure, Easy A is Juno 2.0 — a smart, gimmicky high school […]

In theaters today – Week of Sept. 17

Easy A [Rated PG-13] Superbad’s Emma Stone stars in this hip update of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic American novel, The Scarlet Letter. The once-spotless reputation of a high school student is tarnished when she pretends to lose her virginity to her gay friend, resulting in a slew of hopelessly horny classmates asking for the same service. […]