Weekend releases shouldn’t topple reign of ‘300’

A lack of major nationwide releases should make for a slow weekend at the box office, with just two major players heading off for the top spot. Between Need for Speed, the action-thriller adapted from the video game franchise, and Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club, expect a slow weekend at the box office. It seems […]

Weekend box office offers laughs, thrills

Though more than a third of the country was busy watching the Super Bowl (or at least the commercials) last weekend, a sizable audience was willing to see a zombie try to fall in love. Barely anyone, though, wanted to see Sylvester Stallone shooting up criminals in Bullet to the Head. You’d think Stallone would […]

New comedy fails to reach its potential

These days, comedy’s best friend is your average Joe. Writer-producer-director Mike Judge taps into this phenomenon with his own quirky rendition of ordinary people living their ordinary lives. Judge’s latest film, Extract, is being promoted as the unofficial sequel to his box-office-flop-turned-cult-classic Office Space, harnessing the same “stick-it-to-the-man” attitude. The emphasis here, however, isn’t on […]