Celebrating fettuccine Alfredo and the Olympics

In light of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, I think it is appropriate to not only celebrate our athletes and all of their hard work, but to also celebrate what they eat. Most athletes can consume just the types of food we usually try to avoid in excess: carbs and proteins. They have […]

New LA eats

New Eating in LA As 2012 came and went, so did many restaurants in Los Angeles. But the new year ushered in an upspring of brilliant and novel eateries that are hopefully here to stay. From modern gastropubs to authentic Italian pizzerias, the melting pot of cuisines in this city continues to impress. BESTIA Hidden […]

Gluten eating habits are hard to break

Sometimes — or perhaps all of the time — bad habits are difficult to break. Smoking, drinking, drugs — but what about gluten? Yes, that gluten: The protein found mostly in wheat products. Gluten-free people can indulge in moderation One might assume that when you find out you need to go gluten free, it’s as […]

Flavored pastas fuse convenience and taste

There are days when nothing sounds better than a heaping bowl of pasta. Perhaps you return home late from class, starving and in need of a quick meal. Or maybe you’re experiencing pangs of nostalgia for that old Italian restaurant you used to frequent with your family — you know, the place with the red-checkered […]