Farmer’s market

Despite the number of farmers markets that continue to crop up across Los Angeles, the trend of locally-grown ingredients sold in a communal setting is nothing new. Though people are more familiar with upscale shopping mall The Grove, the expansive market located just across the way from the glitzy stores is the first and original […]

Haute Highlights

Downtown Long Beach Cheese Week Jan. 21 – Jan. 27 At participating Downtown Long Beach restaurants Cheese is a food that people typically really love or really hate­ — but during Cheese Week in Long Beach, people from all over come together to indulge in and celebrate cheese, be it crumbly, melty or stinky. Restaurants […]

Creating a tasty holiday break

It’s that time of year: the calm before the storm. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but less than a week from the annual rite of turkey feasting, you get overwhelmed by a mad flurry of exams, research papers and all-nighter induced Red Bull binges. Right after the semester ends and you think relief is in sight, […]