Sample, Carroll among highest paid leaders at large non-profits

A new set of rankings finds President Steven B. Sample and Football Head Coach Pete Carroll in rather exclusive company.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual survey of employees at the largest non-profits around the country, which was released Monday, places President Sample at nine on the list of Top 10 executive compensation packages in 2008, with a total compensation of $1,161,721.

President Sample is accompanied by the presidents of other major universities, including NYU, Columbia and Yale, all of whom earned more than a million dollars in 2008.

The survey also highlighted employees at non-profit organizations who make more than their CEOs or Presidents, putting Pete Carroll at second place with earnings of $4,386,652, only coming behind Yale University’s chief investment officer.

Despite the high numbers — and the median 7 percent increase in total executive compensation for 2008 — the study found that executives at nearly one-third of the 352 organizations were choosing to take a pay cut or forgo bonuses for the coming year.