Gould lecturer in line to be ambassador

David Huebner, a USC lecturer at the Gould School of Law, has been nominated as the new US Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa by President Barack Obama.

A member of the Sheppard Mullin & Richter LLP law firm, Huebner is no stranger to international affairs. He currently resides in Shanghai as a partner resident, and he heads the firm’s China Practice and International Disputes Practice.

Though Huebner has not been at USC for the last two years, his involvement with Gould has had a lasting effect, said Deborah Call, associate dean at the law school.

“He helped us when we began our [Master of Laws] program,” Call said. “He introduced us to a network of high power attorneys to promote our program and attracted a great number of students into our program from the Asia-Pacific region.”

Huebner is also general counsel for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has previously chaired the California Law Revision Commission and served as president of the Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission.

Brian Hebert, a member of the CLRC who worked with Huebner, spoke highly of his time as chair.

“He was an excellent commissioner,” Hebert said. “The work we do is complicated legal analysis and he was always very well prepared. As a chair, he was very effective and good at keeping everyone on task.”

Hebert said he thinks Huebner will do will in his new role as ambassador.

“He makes people from different backgrounds feel included and heard,” Hebert said. “I think that’s important in a diplomatic position.”

Call also thinks Huebner will have a lot to bring to the table as an ambassador.

“What he offers is not only depth of experience as a seasoned attorney, but he’s very familiar and well traveled,” Call said. “His expertise in international affairs, his work as an educator, and all of that combined will bring a lot to his position as an ambassador.”

Having a member of the Trojan community in this international position will also benefit USC, Call said.

“We have a great opportunity to have him work and teach here,” Call said. “I think it will enhance the relationships [USC] seeks with global partners around the world.”