USG votes to provide list of 2-unit courses

The Undergraduate Student Government Senate passed two measures Tuesday night, unanimously approving the allocated extraordinary funding budget and a resolution to add a list of two-unit courses to USC’s online Schedule of Classes.

The extraordinary funding budget amounts to $70,565 this year and comes from the student programming fees left over after USG officials initially outlined their annual budget.

Every year, USG allocates funds to its various committees based on the programming fees projected to come from 15,000 students.

Since approximately 16,000 students usually end up attending USC, the amount of extra funds available remains virtually the same from year to year, USG Treasurer Ashwin Appiah said.

Programming Board is receiving the majority of the available extraordinary funding, but every committee seeking a boost to its budget will only have part of its request met since the extraordinary funding budget is not large enough to fully fund every assembly.

“We decreased [the requested amount of funding] by 40 percent all around just so it was fair,” said Joseph Zuniga, executive director of Program Board.

The addition of a list of available two-unit courses to USC’s online Schedule of Classes will help students take advantage of those extra, often neglected two units in their course plans every semester, said Andrew Matson, USG’s director of academic affairs. Many students want to take two-unit courses but say they lack a sufficient resource to find a class that interests them, Matson added.

The addition of a two-unit course list is expected to appear in the Schedule of Classes by fall 2010, Matson said.