Fist pumpers, fear not

For everyone that has been unable to look away from the train wreck/socio-anthropological experiment that is Jersey Shore, this week has been harsh. The season finale of short-lived-yet-perpetually-offensive reality show — which follows tan-and-gel obsessed Italian-Americans living in a summer rental in Asbury Park — finally aired last Thursday and aside from reruns that will take MTV straight through Spring Break, our lives have had to return to their natural, pre-Guido state.

But who wants to do that? Certainly not anyone who enjoys obsessing over people who obsess over themselves so much that it backfires and they end up becoming cartoon versions of their former selves (And especially not Wendy Williams, who shelled out Snooki’s $10,000 per appearance fee to give the girl a makeover).

The attention-loving reality stars are soaking up their newfound fame and using the interest in their pathetic lives to hawk themselves at every PR opportunity. But even if you can’t make it to their arrest-filled suburban club appearances or are having trouble tuning in to daytime talk shows, there are many ways you can relive the magic that was the first (and hopefully last) season of Jersey Shore. At least until Snookin’ For Love (our best guess name for Snooki’s in-the-talks dating show) airs or JWoww and Pauly D pose nude (it’s only a matter of time).

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