USG looking to create virtual hub for commuters

USG hopes to have a new Commuter Virtual Resource Center website running by the first week of March, according to Commuter Senator Jean Doh.

The new Commuter Virtual Resource Center will be attached to the USG website and contain links to information about hotspots on and off campus, such as ATMs, library hours, computer labs, maps, parking, and dining establishments.

Originally, the commuter senators had hoped to create an actual physical space for commuters and transfer students.

“At the moment, funding and finding space for an actual commuter, transfer resource lounge or center was kind of out of the question,” Doh said. “Next year, in the new campus center there’s going to be tons of space for lounging areas for commuter students as well as transfer students … they’re incorporated into the plans for the new campus center.”

Doh said the website is aimed at helping commuter students feel more connected to USC.

“It’s very student run, its not a professional website or anything like that,” Doh said. “But it is a step towards providing more resources for commuters; making commuter senators more accessible to commuters and making the resources that USC does have for commuters and transfers more transparent.”

USG will constantly be making additional changes to keep the website up-to-date and more useful to students.

“Once the commuters and transfers start giving us feedback on whatever’s important to them, that’s the direction that the website will go in,” Doh said. “Students who are first-comers at USC or are transfer students at USC or who have been commuting here and don’t know a lot about the campus, they can just go to this website and find out basic information.”

Doh hopes the website will help bridge the gap between commuters and the commuter senators.

“We’re taking that step towards making them more aware of who we are and what we do and that we actually do exist and that they’re represented in USG,” Doh said.