Students displaced by flood

For the second time this month, a sprinkler was set off by a student in a freshmen residence hall, displacing dozens of students and causing damage to both the building and students’ personal items.

The most recent event took place in Parkside Arts and Humanities on Friday night at 8 p.m. when a freshman hung a coat from the sprinkler head, which was then set off when her roommate hit it with the door.

The mishap caused water damage and flooded four suites, displacing 32 students.

Those students, however, were not given alternative housing until Saturday, when arrangements were made for the students to relocate to the Radisson Hotel. These costs were covered by the university.

The length of their stay there is currently unknown.

“They said four to five days but they’re not sure,” said Stephanie Choi, a freshman majoring in neuroscience who was displaced by the flood.

Choi said the majority of damage to personal items took place in her room. Both hers and her roommates laptops and printers were ruined, along with books, bedding, shoes, food and anything else on the floor at the time.

Currently, they are unsure exactly what damages the school will cover.

“I know I’m going to get reimbursed for my laptop and printer,” said Choi.

She does not, however, believe the school will be paying for the rest of her damaged personal items.