Daytime robbery deemed unusual

A strong-armed robbery that occured in the middle of the day Sunday has been classified by detectives as being “unusual.”

The USC Department of Public Safety crime report described a man, who according to DPS Det. Josh Voyda is not a part of the USC community, walking down Jefferson Boulevard near Orchard Avenue when he was approached by a male suspect who demanded his money and started a fight when the victim did not give up his money.

The suspect was accompanied by two other suspects in a get-away car upon his departure from the scene.

The robbery occurred at 1 p.m., which DPS said was an oddity among similar crimes.

“This is not normal, for the location,” Voyda said. “The time of day is unusual for a street robbery to occur in the USC area.”

DPS Capt. David Carlisle said he does not know why this crime occurred when it did, but assures students that DPS is working on preventing these kinds of events in the future.

“It’s somewhat unusual. We have predicting policing strategy working on it but it’s hard to say why it happened,” Carlisle said.

The victim suffered minor injuries but did not want medical attention, Voyda said.

DPS and LAPD are following up the investigation with the information they obtained from multiple witnesses who gave good descriptions of the suspects and the get-away car, Voyda said.