Listserv e-mail the first violation of USG campaign season

Tuesday marked the first violation filing of the USG campaign season.

Complaints were filed against presidential and vice presidential candidates Chris Cheng and Nehi Ogbevoen for using the USG listserv to e-mail students. All three other presidential tickets filed complaints.

The elections commission considered the complaints and ultimately found that there had been a violation but that it would not result in any kind of suspension or disqualification.

The commission ruled that Cheng and Ogbevoen violated the elections code by using the USG listserv but the commission did not view the e-mail as implying an endorsement because most recipients could not see that it was sent to the USG listserv. Had the commission decided that the e-mail implied an endorsement by USG stricter penalties could have been enacted.

Instead, Cheng and Ogbevoen faced only minor punishment, ordered to remove 10 signs from Trousdale for a two-hour period Wednesday morning.

The other candidates were not satisfied with this ruling and said they would bring the issue to the judicial board.