Girls just wanna give back

Oh, Lady Gaga — as she continues her crazy antics with catchy tunes and outrageous outfits, the young star has an iron grip on the music world. In “Boys, Boys, Boys” she croons don’t forget my lipstick, I left it in your ashtray. Really now?

In all likelihood, she probably forgot it at MAC.

The starlet has teamed up with ’80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper and the eye-candy, powerhouse makeup store MAC to create two new lipstick colors. But these are no ordinary weapons for the artificial coloring of puckered lips. All proceeds from the sales of either lipstick go to the MAC AIDS Fund by way of the VIVA GLAM program, which was established in 1994 as a way to help those affected by HIV/AIDS. The program started with the sale of lipstick and has so far raised an impressive $160 million for the MAC AIDS fund.

With its new project, MAC crosses generations and gives humanitarianism a glamourous sheen. Each celebrity gets her own custom-named sleek black tube, red on the inside with their respective signatures. At $14 apiece, you can choose Cyndi Lauper’s “coral-red” concoction or Lady’s Gaga’s “cool blue-pink” mixture.

The products will be on sale only for a limited time online and in store. Lady Gaga’s shade is currently sold out online.

With the new promotion, faithful customers can now splurge on a new color and give back while occasional customers and those who see MAC as a guilty pleasure can indulge knowing that their purchase helps those who truly need it. Although the lipsticks may seem overpriced, the opportunity to help others seems priceless. The lipsticks come with the promise of not only perhaps feeling a little bit like Lady Gaga or Cyndia Lauper when you leave the house, but perhaps feeling like you also did a little bit for the world.