Pete Carroll content with NCAA investigation

Former USC head football coach Pete Carroll returned to Los Angeles this weekend where he commented on the current NCAA investigation of USC and his participation in the hearing earlier this February.

Carroll was in town to deliver an inspiring speech on the Santa Monica Pier to Los Angeles Marathon runners the night before their 26.2-mile run when he voiced his overall pleasure with the way the hearing concluded.

“Everything went very well,” Carroll told ESPN. “I think the university did everything they could to put all of the truth and information out there in front of the committee, and I think everyone there felt good about the process. There are still some issues that need to be determined in the next month or so, but I don’t think we could have done any better than what we did.”

Despite being busy with his new job as the head coach of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, Carroll found time to accompany athletic director Mike Garrett and new USC football coach Lane Kiffin to the 3-day hearing in Tempe, Ariz.

A ruling for the investigation should arrive next month and could include several sanctions, but Carroll is confident that the university will be alright after the lengthy reviewing process and is glad to have been able to help out.

“It wasn’t a very difficult process, it was a just matter of validating the information that had already been turned in because we had already done everything we could do beforehand,” Carroll said. “There were some questions that the committee asked that I was glad they asked. I was glad I was there to help out because there was some stuff nobody else could have answered and nobody else could have commented on but the head football coach, so I’m glad I was there to contribute and more than anything to help the university.”