Lane Kiffin garners No. 16 seed in Sexiest Woman Alive bracket

It appears as if USC will have representation in a 64-team tournament this spring, despite sanctions on the men’s basketball team and the denial of an NCAA at-large bid to the women’s team.

That’s right: New USC football coach Lane Kiffin will be competing in Esquire‘s Sexiest Woman Alive bracket.

The bracket pits 64 competitors in four “regions” or genres of entertainment (Sports, Television, Movies and Music & Fashion) in hopes of determining, as the title might indicate, the sexiest woman alive based on the magazine’s readers’ choice.

Now, one might think, Lane Kiffin’s a man, isn’t he? Well, while all signs point to the fact that he is, indeed, male, Esquire’s nomination aims to point out Kiffin’s past and associate it with feminine qualities.

Two months ago, Kiffin departed the University of Tennessee’s football program to take the coaching position at USC, much to the dismay of UT’s fans. Accordingly, his inclusion in the bracket seeks to make a mockery of this decision, suggesting that it was irresponsible and, as it happens, unmanly to abandon his post at Tennessee.

While the odds are heavily out of Kiffin’s favor to escape the first round, in such a scenario he would face the victor of the matchup between ESPN personality and No. 8 seed Erin Andrews and NASCAR driver and No. 9 seed Danica Patrick.

Voting is currently in progress.