USG site undergoes changes

The new, blog-based website for the Undergraduate Student Government is expected to launch early next week.

USG began working on the new site this summer, after its Information Technology Service hardware crashed in late July.

“We had the option of creating a virtual mainframe after the server crashed,” said David Ji, deputy director of technology. “So we saw it as an opportunity to make a better website. We’re making it a little more appealing and modern so that people will visit aside from applying for funding.”

The new website will mirror the old website in terms of linking students to various organizations and resources. However, the new website will be organized in a way that allows those in USG to easily access and change it.

“Honestly, I think that people go to websites so much and expect to find out everything you need from just a website,” said Elizabeth Trower, senior director of communications. “While our office makes us pretty accessible, I think that students want to be able to access what they want, when they want.”

Though the website will be online in the coming days, it will take some additional time for the details to be finished,  Trower said.

However, the forms for funding, questions, comments and suggestions will be available when the website is launched. Trower also said the website will be blog-based and contain tabs for different links for easy navigation.

“We want to make our communication much more engaging,” said Maya Babla, USG chief of staff. “We want to make it easier to engage with USG as a regular student who isn’t involved with the organization, just so you know what’s going on on campus.”