No “Teenage Dream” for the Sesame Street crowd

Conventional wisdom suggests that the cutesy style of singer Katy Perry could not be a more fitting match for the peppy tone of the kids show Sesame Street. The star, along with other notable names including Jude Law and Amy Poehler, signed on to appear on the show’s star-studded 41st season.

Alongside the ever-popular Elmo, Perry performed a skit with a modified rendition of her song “Hot ‘N Cold,” in which she chased after Elmo while sporting a sleeveless green dress.

On closer look, Perry was actually a covered from the chest up by a sheer material. But that was not enough for some parents, who thought Perry’s outfit was too risqué for the children’s show.

Enough parents protested about her scantily-clad appearance to garner the attention of Sesame Workshop, which pulled the episode from the show’s itinerary.

In the end, it appears that Perry had the last laugh, making an appearance on a Saturday Night Live skit last weekend.

Her attire of choice? A low cut, cleavage-bearing Elmo shirt.