USC School of Theatre Calendar


Oct. 7-10

Directed by Anita Dashiell-Sparks

Bing Theatre

The School of Theatre’s M.F.A. in Acting students perform the play based on the true story of a South African woman who was paraded around in a cage.

Be Aggressive

Oct. 14-17

Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera

Scene Dock Theatre

A satire of Southern California culture, this show focuses on a teenage cheerleader who uses cheering to escape from her troubles.

Our Town

Oct. 14-17

Directed by Brien O’Loughlin

Massman Theatre

The classic three-act story comes to USC, showing the romance between George Gibbs and Emily Webb.

Is He Dead?

Oct. 21-24

Directed by Michael Keenan

McClintock Theatre

Originally a story by the master American writer Mark Twain, Is He Dead? focuses on a painter who fakes his death to avoid debt, only to be forced to impersonate his sister to survive.

The Colored Museum

Oct. 28-31

Directed by Gregg T. Daniel

Scene Dock Theatre

An exploration into black American culture in the 1980s, this 11-scene story satires both the decade and the cultural trends of the time.

Too Clever By Half

Nov. 4-7

Directed by Brian Parsons

Bing Theatre

A social commentary on greed and vanity, this Russian comedy focuses on a schemer trying to enter high society and all of his plots to succeed in his goal.


Nov. 18-21

Directed by L. Zane

Scene Dock Theatre

A classic musical, Cabaret focuses on a 1930s nightclub that offers a respite from the growing tensions in Germany as the Nazis gain influence.

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Dec. 2-3

Directed by Rafael Garcia

Bing Theatre

Less story and more kicks! The School of Theatre’s Repertory Dance Company showcases various styles of song and dance from across the globe.