Gosh! Guess who’s flipping coming to TV?

America’s favorite liger-loving high schooler is finally making the transition from the silver screen to television after Fox green lit production in six episodes of the new animated television series, Napoleon Dynamite.

The original cast will all return to provide their vocal talents to the animated characters, including Jon Heder in a reprise of the role that catapulted his career in 2004. Also lending their talents are Jared and Jerusha Hess, the husband-and-wife filmmaking team behind Dynamite, who will supervise the production from executive producer positions.

Though Dynamite’s adaptation from cinema to television was inevitable, Fox’s move is still surprising. Fox would never allow the prospect of extended revenue from the highest grossing Sundance film ever to simply go unexplored.

Yet, after six years of inaction, the idea of expanding the Dynamite brand appeared to be problematic for the bizarre 2004 comedy. How could the quirky humor of the original film come across with the same effect in another medium?

Fox finally realized the brilliant solution of translating the movie into hand-drawn animation, the same medium utilized by Napoleon himself in the film when he draws his mythical creature masterworks. More information about the series can be found at Nellie Andreeva’s blog.