Gaga conquers YouTube

YouTube is home to all sorts of entertainment, ranging from the charming to the obscene. Despite its playful nature, YouTube has developed into a vehicle that has a serious impact on the future of the entertainment industry, one that is especially convenient for the modern music lover.

For fans, it provides a destination for all of their favorite music videos as well as concert footage and much more. For artists, it’s a promotional tool that can reach an enormous amount of people and can, in some cases, spur a music career. Major artists today use YouTube as a legitimate means of spreading the word and accelerating their popularity.

And as Lady Gaga said recently on her Twitter, “If we stick together we can do anything.”

Apparently that holds true.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lady Gaga has become the first artist to reach one billion views on YouTube.

“We reached 1 Billion views on youtube little monsters!” she Tweeted yesterday to almost 7 million followers. “If we stick together we can do anything. I dub u kings and queens of youtube! Unite!”

Sadly for Gaga, the record might not hold. Remember that Canadian boy wonder? Teen pop star Justin Bieber — who currently trails Gaga with around 962 million YouTube views — is expected to take the record in about a week.

Still, Gaga will always hold one record close to her heart: Back in July, she garnered 10 million Facebook friends, more than President Barack Obama.