USC may switch to spread offense next year

In the past, USC has always steered clear of the spread offense—this might change next year, with coach Lane Kiffin hinting that the spread offense might be what’s best for the team.

“Look at what we have,” Kiffin said. “We have a bunch of really good receivers and tight ends and backs. We don’t have a fullback that’s on our roster two months from now. We’ll have to make the best of whatever we’re dealt with.”

The team currently preparing for top-ranked Oregon on Oct. 30, a team that leads the nation in total offense and scoring offense with the spread offense.

USC has begun using some aspects of the spread offense in its no-huddle package, but next year could bring about a big change nonetheless.

The Trojans have used a pro-style offense since Pete Carroll’s arrival at USC. The spread offense, however, is catching on in colleges across the nation, though rarely used in the NFL.

USC’s possible change in strategy is in some part a byproduct of the projected roster for 2011. The Trojan offense will see a lack of fullbacks on the roster, as well as scholarship restrictions thanks to NCAA.

“There’s already a concern and movement as you look at our roster right now,” Kiffin said. “We could end up being a spread offense here. That may be what we need to go.”