Obama rallies for Democrats on Election Day

President Barack Obama told Los Angeles radio station KPWR listeners that his agenda would be “all at risk” if the Republicans were to take control of the government in Tuesday’s elections.

The Republicans are aiming for at least 218 senate seats — the number needed for the majority — in key races in California, Nevada, Washington, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Obama said it was essential to get the vote out.

“We need to keep moving forward, that’s why I need folks to vote today,” he said.

He also said the health care reform bill would face significant obstacles if Republicans were to gain control of the senate.

“Across the board, things have gotten better over the last two years,” Obama said on KPWR. “The question is, can we keep that up? But we can only keep it up if I’ve got some friends and allies in Congress and in the state houses.”

Obama also spoke at several other radio stations Tuesday to rally votes across the nation.