Kiffin loses grievance against Oakland Raiders

On Monday, an NFL arbitrator denied Kiffin’s grievance as well as the countergrievances filed by the Oakland Raiders for lawyer and arbitration fees following Kiffin’s termination as coach.

Before USC coach Lane Kiffin elected to leave the University of Tennessee for his dream job at the University of Southern California, Kiffin was the head coach of an Oakland Raiders team that was residing at the bottom of the AFC West.

After a 5-15 overall record, owner Al Davis fired Kiffin in the second year of his 3-year, $6-million contract “for cause.” Davis alleged that Kiffin had lied to him and acted insubordinately during his short tenure.

Immediately after his termination, Kiffin filed a grievance through the NFL Coaches’ Association for the remaining $2.6 million left on his contract before reducing that figure to $333,000 after accounting for an offset from his salary as the coach of the Tennessee Volunteers.

Raiders executive John Herrerra stated that Kiffin exemplified a “stunning lack of concern” for the rules set forth by his contract and that Monday’s decision by the NFL was an overwhelming victory for the Raiders.