Atreyu announces indefinite hiatus

After being a band for 11 years, the five-piece metal band, Atreyu, is officially on hiatus for an undetermined span of time.

Singer Alex Varkatzas tweeted on the band’s Twitter on January 13, “We aren’t breaking up but we aren’t writing, recording or touring for a while. Simply taking a break to recharge and focus on different parts of our lives.”

Atreyu | Creative Commons

Using Twitter may not have been the fastest way to communicate the news, seeing that due to the 140 character limit, it took four tweets to state the whole message. Nonetheless, the deed was done.

First breaking into the metal scene of Orange County in 1998, Atreyu has come a long way. First working with underground labels, they have recorded five studio albums, including Congregation of the Damned, released in 2009.

Varkatzas, however, also encouraged fans to take a look into each member’s side projects currently in the works.

If the band sticks to its word about not breaking up, maybe in the next couple of years, the 11 simple characters “We’re back!” will be tweeted on their official page.