Introducing Raining Jane

In 1999, a four-piece all female band named Raining Jane was formed at UCLA. In 2003, they decided that they were going to start touring.

Raining Jane played over 120 shows a year for over six years. The band didn’t go unrewarded; the unusual start to this indie-rock group was what helped them take off. In their six-year stint, they opened for UCLA alumnus Sara Bareilles and wrote the song “A Beautiful Mess” with Jason Mraz.

Amid their touring craze, they found time to release three independent albums. Their songs then found their way onto television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and So You Think You Can Dance.

The eclectic quartet, comprised of a cellist, a guitarist, a bassist and a percussionist, all vocally contribute to the band. Their most recent album, Paper Nest, released in 2008, truly demonstrates their flexibility as artists by providing the listener with a unique musical experience.

From quirky upbeat tunes to mellow ballads, Raining Jane covers a huge range of emotions in their songs.

My Top Picks: “Prelude,” “Broken Parts,” “Clementine” and “Castles and Factories.”