Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee team up

Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally landed a job.
The former Governor of California will star as a cartoon superhero, known as The Governator.

Stan Lee, the creator of fictional characters such as Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man, will help co-develop the animated television show and comic book. The television show about the semi-fictional character will be ready sometime next year.

“The Governator is going to be a great superhero, but he’ll also be Arnold Schwarzenegger. We’re using all the personal elements of Arnold’s life… only after he leaves the governor’s office, Arnold decides to become a crime fighter and builds a secret high-tech crime-fighting center under his house in Brentwood” said Stan Lee to Entertainment Weekly.

 The decision is somewhat of a surprise, as many of fans wondered what Schwarzenegger’s next move now that he was out of office.

There were numerous discussions over the possibility of a sequel to True Lies, and while that may still come to fruition, the superstar has chosen animation as his next official project.

“When I ran for governor back in 2003 and I started hearing people talking about ‘the Governator,’ I thought the word was so cool. The word Governator combined two worlds: the world of politics and the movie world” said Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first press interview since he left office in January.