Rumored opening acts for Femme Fatal tour

In the typical Britney Spears fashion, the pop princess  returns with a bang with her Femme Fatale tour, beginning June 17 in Sacramento, Calif. and ending August 13 in the same city.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Enrique Iglesias opening for the iconic pop-star, but this claim was rejected as Iglesias announced on, “Hey guys, sorry for the confusion regarding a possible tour in the summer with Britney Spears.  We are on the Euphoria Tour and will continue to do so including some soon-to-be-announced dates in US. So hope to see all of you soon.”  Such a pity.   

 But TMZ has mentioned the possibility of Nicki Minaj stepping in as an opening act, allotting the possibility of a full-blown, female tour de force.  There has also been talk about Joe Jonas replacing the sexy Latin star (yes that means a Jonas brother would be off on his own).  The rumor has yet to be confirmed, but according to Zap2It, the chances are pretty good given that Jonas is currently working on a dance-infused solo project that fits Spears’ upbeat persona.  

In addition, DJ Pauly D recently performed in Las Vegas with Ms. Spears herself for her MTV special Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale. The pair share a common manager, Larry Rudolph, so the chances of them teaming up are good provided that the timing works out with filming for Jersey Shore Season 4.  
Spears has yet to confirm any of the rumors. She has, however, discussed her desire to perform with Usher, which would create a quality pop duo indeed.  With the tour rapidly approaching, results should be in soon.  

Who would you like to see open for the Queen of Pop?