Ronald Tutor Campus Center Day celebrated for first time

Student Affairs and the Undergraduate Student Government jointly held Ronald Tutor Campus Center Day for the first time Thursday.

USG passed a resolution to make the first Thursday of every fall semester Ronald Tutor day, since the building had its grand opening on the first Thursday of the Fall 2010 semester.

Patrick Bailey, Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs, said the purpose of the event was to increase awareness of the facilities of the campus center.

“Many students focus on the food court, that’s why it in the front and center, but each floor has an attraction, if you will, to guarantee traffic,” Bailey said.

Departments housed in the campus center held open houses, members of the football team held a campus conversation in the Forum, USC ambassadors gave art tours of the entire center and a raffle was held for football tickets, fanwear and airline tickets.

The day concluded with a comedy show in the Grand ballroom with Comedy Central comedians Kumail Najiani, Nick Vatterott and Duncan Trussell.

Bailey said he hopes to make Ronald Tutor Campus Center Day better attended so that it will be a “sweet end” to welcome week.

“This is the beginning of a custom that aims to build on Trojan traditions and introduce the familiar and unfamiliar alike to all that the Tutor Campus Center has to offer,” Bailey said.