Students tweet their way to a better semester

It’s barely a week into the fall semester, yet the university is already getting people excited for this year. On August 22, the school Twitter account (@USCedu) posted the question, “First week! #uscclass to tell us about the class you’re most excited about. Follow the hashtag & get recs from your fellow students.”

Dozens of USC students — past and present — responded with their most anticipated classes for this semester and their favorite classes overall. Many reference specific professors or topics rather than actual class numbers, allowing browsers of the responses (available by clicking on the hashtag #uscclass on Twitter) to learn more about which professors are best at what they do — or at least the most enjoyable.

With recommendations ranging from Professor Bowlt’s Modern Russian Art seminar, offered through Thematic Option, to graduate classes in biomedical engineering and communication management, USC’s students and alumni are certainly not shy about voicing their opinions.

CTCS190, Introduction to Cinema with Drew Casper, ranks high on the list. One user posted, “…’Intro. to Cinema’ taught by legendary Dr. Drew Casper changed the way I look at film forever.” Other USC departments, such as the School of Social Work and the Admissions Office, also picked up on the Twitter trend and tweeted similar questions to their followers.

Through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites, the school and its various departments can get important information out to almost the entire student body in a matter of hours — from DPS crime alerts and necessary information to the more frivolous Twitter questions.

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