Angry Birds obsession reaches new heights

As if addiction to the popular game Angry Birds is not enough, players can now take their obsession to life-size proportions with the new Angry Birds “theme park” that opened this month.

Located in Changsha, China, this attraction allows guests to catapult plush birds at green pig balloons situated throughout a brick fortress.

The activity is a part of China’s Window of the World amusement park, Changsha’s 400,00 square meter recreational attraction. Located in the American Zone next to a downsized Mount Rushmore replica, this giant slingshot was created for the Stress-reducing festival of the park.

However, the theme park is not officially licensed by Rovio, the Finnish company responsible for America’s addiction to the most popular smart phone application in history. Coincidentally, Angry Birds moon cakes were just introduced by Rovio to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival in China. There will also be a limited edition of the Angry Birds app called “Moon Festival” be released next month.

Rovio declined to comment to ABC news, but a lawsuit is not expected because the attraction is to close at the end of September.