Sony to stop paying for 3-D glasses

As of May 1, 2012, Sony Pictures Entertainment will no longer pay for 3-D glasses, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The company recently notified theaters of the change, giving them time to develop a new policy for funding the glasses that have become commonplace for many moviegoers.

According to the report, glasses for smaller films can cost from $1.5 million to $2 million, while larger films can exceed $5 million and up to $10 million. Given the number of films catering to 3-D technology, it’s understandable why Sony no longer wants to fund the glasses, especially considering how many pairs probably don’t find their way into the nifty recycle bins outside the theaters.

So what does this change mean for you? With Sony no longer willing to pay the costs for the 3-D eyewear, theaters will have to come up with effective ways to afford them. Sony has suggested theaters charge customers for the glasses. That’s right, no more freebies.

Though other countries are already used to the extra cost , such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy and Spain, Americans might have a difficult time adjusting to the additional charge on top of the already pricey movie tickets.

In the past, 20th Century Fox has tried to sever ties with the expenses of 3-D glasses, to no avail. Sony, however, seems quite firm in its stance. Theater chains will likely not want to fund the glasses themselves, so if you are a fan of the 3-D experience, prepare your wallet for a little extra surcharge come May.