New arts and humanities student org launched


A new student organization, Asian Americans in Arts and Humanities, held its first board meeting Friday.

The goal of the organization is to bring together Asian American arts and humanities students and provide support, advice and information, in addition to providing members the opportunity to explore career opportunities and networking.

Alumni will also be contacted for advice and to establish alumni connections for career opportunities.


“Arts and humanities majors face pressure in the Asian American culture — there is a cultural pressure to pursue a ‘practical’ major, even if you’re passionate about humanities or the arts,” said Yuan Tao, a senior majoring in psychology and English and the organization’s president. “We’re not here to pressure anyone to either study humanities or not to — we’re just here to provide support and give information so that everyone can make their own choice.”


Despite the organization’s name, students from all backgrounds and majors are welcome to join.


“Anyone is welcome to join regardless of cultural background, since pressure and expectations are something many people deal with, regardless of their cultural background,” said Tao.


The organization held its first board meeting on Friday. Students interested in membership or leadership opportunities can contact