USC band drops second album under new name

Bringing a beach vibe to this season’s chilly weather, The Miracals, formally known as The Smiles, released Give Me a Chance, its 2nd EP, on Nov. 7.

A few months ago, the three-piece band of USC students changed its name to The Miracals after a legal conflict with a local children’s dental office.

The name might have changed, but the group’s classic laid-back surf rock sound has not.

Comprising alumnus John McGrath on vocals and guitar, Will Sturgeon, a senior majoring in popular music on vocals and bass, and Mark Edwards, a senior in the music industry program playing the drums, the group says it’s influenced by The Beach Boys, and describes its music as “beach rock” or “tropical grunge.” For this particular EP, Mike Goldman, of the band Chasing Kings, joined in the recording.

Give Me a Chance seems perfect for summertime, but it might fill in the gap for listeners longing for warm weather to return.

“Oh I Know” starts off the 5-track EP with a quick drum intro and immediately falls into the distinct harmonies of vocalists John McGrath and Will Sturgeon. The song sounds like a heart-to-heart exchanged between two friends with lines such as “You give her anything, but she would only take” and “She’s no good for you after all.”

Those lyrics lead into the next song “Give Me a Chance,” a love song with vocals pleading for a girl’s affection. It is reminiscent of classic crooner tunes of the ’50s.

The rest of the EP sticks with a romantic theme and is appropriate for date nights or cruising around beach towns. The music is fairly simple but it is very solid with solid drum patterns and melodic guitar and bass lines.

Give Me a Chance is available on iTunes and for free on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.