DPS to hold campus safety fair today

The Dept. of Public Safety will be informing students of familiar and forgotten safety tips at the Annual Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness Fair on Trousdale Parkway today.

The fair gives various law enforcement and crime prevention organizations on campus and in Los Angeles the opportunity to teach new students security techniques, said DPS Capt. David Carlisle.

“Every year we see almost 3,000 new students that have to be trained after they have moved away from home,” Carlisle said. “Students that have been here a while know about smart behavior and what to do in an event of an emergency, but we have to educate the new people.”

Michael Chapey, a sophomore majoring in narrative studies, said he wouldn’t be fully prepared if a crisis were to occur.

“I don’t really have any plans in an emergency like a fire or earthquake,” Chapey said. “Although we do have many fire drills in Troy, so we’ll know what to do in an evacuation.”

The fair will also teach students what protocol must be followed during fires and natural disasters, said DPS officer Wyman Thomas.

“We will be providing safety kits in the event of an emergency, especially since this is earthquake territory,” Thomas said. “The kits will include a flashlight, Band-Aids, batteries and small essential things that you can keep in a locker or your car.”

Alex Cerone, a sophomore majoring in business and cinematic arts, said in most situations a student’s choices can prevent crime.

“The further away from campus you get, there’s less of a DPS presence,” Cerone said. “Students also have to be taking it upon themselves and asking how they can protect themselves.”

Even though most returning students are aware of ways to prevent crime, the fair will remind them that safety is invaluable, Thomas said.

“Students often prioritize their classes, getting their assignments done and also the social component outside of the classroom,” Thomas said. “Safety becomes really low on the totem pole and we want people to know that safety is first.”


Jared Servantez contributed to this report.