Haute Highlights

“Spine of the Earth 2012”

Sunday, Jan. 22, 12-2 p.m.

Nothing exemplifies a lazy Sunday afternoon more than avant-garde performance art, right?

Maybe that idea doesn’t conform to the typical norm of a carefree end to the weekend, but “Spine of the Earth 2012” is one modernist art installation you won’t want to miss.

The project came to fruition when Santa Monica’s 18th Street Arts Center asked Lita Albuquerque to restage “Spine of the Earth,” a land work originally made in 1980 that incorporated red pigments used to form geometric shapes in the El Mirage dry lake bed.

This weekend the recreation will take place at The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook but will use 500 volunteers in red robes instead of red pigments, so as to avoid staining the trails. A skydiver will fly over the volunteers to capture an aerial view.

What was once an interaction between art and nature has now added a new element: people. “Spine of the Earth 2012” has adapted, transforming into a modern work of art and a tribute to nature, thus making it all the more beautiful.


Georges Méliès Shorts Program

Sunday, Jan. 22, 5 p.m.

You might recognize the name Georges Méliès if you saw Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s critically acclaimed film. Scorsese’s fantastical treatment of Méliès is appropriate because the man himself was a bit magical: Méliès previously worked as a theatrical showman, thrilling spectators with illusions and stage tricks.

Of course, Méliès’ true legacy lies within his innovations in the world of filmmaking. Méliès created many film production techniques such as time-lapse photography, split-screens and dissolve transitions, techniques that are often taken for granted today. Though his filmmaking career ended in bankruptcy as the novelty of his movies wore off, his contribution to the cinematic world cannot be understated.

Sunday’s event at the Aero Theatre will feature Méliès’ films — many of them rarely seen — with live musical accompaniment. The Georges Méliès Shorts Program looks to be an event perfect for anyone with a fascination of the origins of moving pictures.


Wu-Tang Clan at Club Nokia

Saturday, Jan. 21, 9 p.m.

Can the history of gangsta rap or the concept of the hip-hop collective be mentioned without mentioning Wu-Tang Clan?

The answer is no. Current rap collectives, such as Young Money and OFWGKTA, probably wouldn’t exist without Wu-Tang Clan, who used the group to kick-start individual careers and profit from the music industry as efficiently as possible.

The seminal Staten Island crew has been terrorizing the rap scene since 1993, and now they’re back to give Los Angeles a taste of old school rhyming. All the existing legendary original members, such as RZA (Robert Diggs), GZA (Gary Grice) and Ghostface Killah (Dennis Coles), will be at Club Nokia to unleash their unique flows and lyrical styles.

The show promises to be a packed event with additional live music from DJ Ivy.


“The Super Serious Show” 

Thursday, Jan. 19, 8 p.m.

It’s only the second week of school and students are already overwhelmed, nervously looking ahead to midterms and papers. The Super Serious Show provides students with a much-needed comedic break.

The monthly show, produced by Joel Mandelkorn, Betsy Koch and Mandee Johnson, incorporates an exuberant mix of standup and musical comedy, as well as brief character bits.

The laugh-out-loud event has featured many greats, including Sarah Silverman and Demetri Martin. This month’s performance will present an equally talented lot consisting of Johnny Pemberton, T.J. Miller, Mary Lynn Rajskub (yes we’re talking Chloe from 24), Sean Conroy and Barry Rothbart.

The riotous comedy event takes place at Café Club Fais Do-Do and tickets cost $13 to $20, depending on whether they are purchased in advance. Plus, there’s free wine and beer.

Take a break early in the semester and get ready to laugh.