Coachella lineup explains record ticket sales

It doesn’t come as a shock that Coachella sold out so quickly this year, especially with headliners like Snoop Dogg, Radiohead, Dr. Dre and returning Coachella player The Black Keys. Goldenvoice, Coachella’s promoter, sold around 120,000 tickets in just under three hours on Friday January 13th, breaking last year’s record of selling out in six days.

The Black Keys will play Friday night along with Cat Power, Arctic Monkeys, Afrojack and Explosions in the Sky to name a few. The big names for Saturday include Radiohead as well as Bon Iver and Andrew Bird, while Sunday will wrap up the three day show with artists like AVICII, La Roux, Beirut and of course the duo of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

So the lineup  is pretty amazing this year with each day characterized by a unique vibe and it’s not surprising that tickets sold out so quickly even when considering the fact that Coachella expanded to two weekends this year and thus doubled the amount of tickets.

Unlike previous years, the same artists will play in identical lineups for the two weekends of April 13-15 and April 20-22. Tickets for Coachella 2012 first went on sale for a week last June, and not knowing the lineup didn’t stop people from snapping them up. And for people who missed the ticket-buying frenzy last week, there’s still the last resort of purchasing tickets on websites like StubHub or from scalpers.

For those who did manage to get tickets, they’re in for some crazy shows – especially those that bought tickets for both weekends.