Taylor Swift remains on top in the music world

When Taylor Swift first entered the music scene in 2006 with her elementary lyrics and schoolgirl charm, it was difficult to imagine that she’d have the staying power to make a significant impact on the country world. Then she nabbed four Grammys, 10 American Music Awards and several minor roles in film in television. For 2012, it appears that Swift will uphold that technique of keeping us on our toes.

The past few months have already been busy for Swift. She’s landed a performance at the 54th Grammy Awards, airing Sunday on CBS, and nominations for three Country Music Awards. She just finished work on her movie The Lorax, set for release March 2. Her chic, new look warranted a feature story in the February issue of Vogue. It’s clear that Swift is keen to explore multiple arenas.

“I fret about the future,” Swift said in her interview with Vogue. “What my next move should be. What the move after that should be. How I am going to sustain this. How do I evolve.”

Considering how she seems to dabble in everything, Swift’s career remains somewhat of a puzzle. Musical geeks will recall how she recently turned down a lead role in the movie version of Les Misérables. Though it appeared that Swift wasn’t the crowd favorite for the character of Eponine –Lea Michele and Evan Rachel Wood were among the more vocally-talented choices–her motivations for rejecting the role are questionable. The part ultimately went to theater veteran Samantha Barks, which left questions as to Swift’s motivations for leaving behind such a desirable role.

Many Swift and Les Mis fans were hoping that Swift’s Vogue interview would shed some light on her decision, but her responses remained faintly vague.

“Lately I’ve been focusing on trying to be here,” said Swift. “Trying to be who I am, where I am, at the moment. But, you know, I am having a big meeting with my team next week, planning 2013. Which makes it hard!”

Still, despite the questionable situation behind Les Misérables, Swift continues to advance her career. Her latest endeavor involves blending the cinema world with that of the musical: adding her own element to the soundtrack of The Hunger Games. Her recent single, “Safe and Sound,” is set to premiere on MTV February 13 at 7:54 pm. The video supposedly revolves around the civil war component of The Hunger Games plot, and, after the premier, Swift is scheduled to discuss her work in a 30-mintute interview on MTV’s website.