Uggie from ‘The Artist’ wins Best Dog

Uggie, the beloved pooch, from this year’s Best Picture frontrunner The Artist, won Best Dog in a Theatrical Film at the Golden Collar Awards.

The awards show marked their first year in recognizing the work of dogs in film and television. The ceremony was held at the Hotel Palomar in Los Angeles on Monday, February 13.

It’s been a great year for dogs. Uggie was nominated alongside himself for his performance as Queenie in Water for Elephants, as well as Cosmo (Arthur), the talking dog in Beginners, Denver (Skeletor) from 50/50 and Hummer (Dolce) from Young Adult.

Martin Scorsese, however, felt cheated when the dog featured in his film, Hugo, was snubbed during nominations. The famed director had even gone so far as to write an editorial in the Los Angeles Times urging voters to reconsider and vote for Blackie as a write-in.

Uggie, however, was crowned top dog.

Omar Von Muller, his trainer, accepted the award on the dog’s behalf. Uggie, meanwhile, attended the ceremony, looking adorable with a bowtie.