The following incidents were reported in the USC Dept. of Public Safety incident summary from Wednesday, Feb. 22.

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Crimes against a person

At 9:17 p.m., two suspects approached two non-USC females who were walking near Vermont Avenue and 37th Place and one of them forcibly grabbed a purse from one of the females’ hands. The suspect demanded money while searching through the purse and the female informed him that she didn’t have any. The suspect threw the purse back at the female and demanded money from the second female. The second female opened her bag to show the suspect that she also had no money and both suspects subsequently fled on foot. DPS officers responded and conducted a search but were unable to locate the suspects.

Crimes against property

At 5:29 p.m., two suspects who arranged to meet with a student at Marks Tower to sell him what he believed to be his stolen laptop computer were arrested by LAPD officers for outstanding warrants. The computer in question did not belong to the student.

Miscellaneous incidents

At 5:37 p.m., DPS officers responded to a report of an intoxicated staff member refusing to leave the pizzeria at Raddison Midcity Hotel after his manager asked him to do so. The officers advised the staff member that his manager would like him to leave the premises and he complied without further incident.

At 2:02 p.m., a student reported that she closed and locked the door to her dorm room in Parkside Residential Building upon leaving in the morning and when she returned in the afternoon she found it open. No property was removed.