Rumors of new OutKast formally denied by Andre 3000

The hip-hop community was devastated today with confirmation from Andre 3000 that OutKast has no plans to release a new album in the near future. 3 Stacks told GQ magazine in their interview:

There’s been a lot of talk on the Internet about an OutKast album and I have to say that as of now, there are no plans for another OutKast album. There’s a lot of music on the horizon. I’ve been living off the excitement of new artists…I’ve just really been feeding off of that and this year I think I’m planning to do a solo project. I don’t know when it will come out, but hopefully it’ll come out this year. As far as OutKast, I really don’t know if or when that will happen.

Arguably rap’s most fun to watch rapper/producer, the public has been living without Andre 3000’s eclecticism for some time aside from a handful of features. If you have missed Mr. Benjamin and Mr. Left Foot’s gift for groove as much as I have, enjoy this list of the various projects Andre has been involved with in the meantime.

Prior to its formal release in November of 2011 on Young Jeezy’s TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition, a verse from a song called “I Do” was floating through the Internet. Jeezy and Jay-Z both have a verse on the track, but the real treat is the third verse where Andre kills it.

Andre collaborated with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem fame and Damon Albarn of Gorillaz to produce a track for Converse called “DoYaThing.” Several snippets of the song appeared on the Internet at the beginning of the year but a 13-minute long version has recently been released. The songs first half has Andre proclaiming his greatness to the world in a speedy rap, and the second half features a more introverted Andre rapping over a sedated beat.

Last but not least, Andre has gotten involved with Gillette as something of a spokesman for their facial hair products. He has been featured in commercials alongside Adrien Brody and Gael Garcia Bernal as Gillette’s “Masters of Style.” Not traditionally one to participate in anything that would be considered ‘commercial,’ I’m not quite sure what he was going for with this one, but I’m a fan all the same.

Though the reality of having to wait another few years for another OutKast album is difficult, I am glad to see Andre putting product out there, and we can only imagine that what comes next will be nothing short of spottieottiedopaliscious.