Kid Cudi and Dot da Genius cover Nirvana in new album

Kid Cudi and Dot da Genius’ debut as the band WZRD released their self-titled album earlier this week. The album features a track cover of Nirvana’s rendition of the Lead Belly original “Where did you sleep last night.”

Nirvana is known as the first and only band to have covered the song in homage to blues folk singer Lead Belly. Until recently, that is.

The staggering cover by Nirvana with its resonating lyrical drone by the ever-so charming vocals of lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain will eternally outstand any reworked copy.

When Nirvana covered the song live in New York as seen on MTV Unplugged’93, the trio indefinitely placed to taste the hit song for generations to come.

Cudi says the decision to (re)-cover the song came naturally while enduring a writers block in the course of making the new record, when he turned to personal music inspirations like Nirvana among other rock legends.

The WZRT collaboration roughed up the edges by adding a consistent kick drum and percussion hits that create a theatric-like flair, not to mention the emotion-filled croon and dramatic-pace vocals of which a Kid Cudi original could not be complete without.

Thanks to the artists’ implicit knowledge of the instrumental talent of Cobain and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, Cudi opts out from playing the guitar riffs on the track.

Nonetheless, the song takes a third trip down rock ‘n’ roll lane with an unusual twist and execution by Cudi that is bound to take his fans by surprise and knock the doors of long-lasting classic rock addicts.

The duo first collaborated with one another back in 2008. You may remember the Grammy-nominated single “Day ‘n’ Nite.”

Check out WZRT as they spell out track by track the making of their new album to Complex Magazine, beginning with the Lead Belly cover.