The Temper Trap prepares to release new music

The Temper Trap has been in Los Angeles for the past two months recording its second album, The Temper Trap.

The self-titled album will have 12 new songs, first released in Australia and New Zealand on May 18. The U.S. will be able to purchase it on June 5.

The El Rey Theatre welcomed The Temper Trap and opening act PAPA to its stage this week on March 19 and 20.

PAPA had a decent set. It is not traditional to see a drummer play the part of a lead singer, but that was something special the band had going for them.

The Temper Trap, on the other hand, showcased a brilliant performance.

Surprisingly, the band played a great number of new songs, including its encore song, “Rabbit Hole,” which was recently released on Youtube.

The band also performed “Need Your Love,” which will be the first single off of the new album.

Generally at shows, a crowd looks forward to hearing more familiar songs from previous work, but it was still an enjoyable sneak peek of what the band has been working on this past year.

The Temper Trap weaved in several crowd favorites, including “Drum Song” and “Sweet Disposition,” which received a lot of cheering and high-pitched whistling.

Each member of the band does a great job of standing out in some way. For Dougy Mandagi, the lead vocalists, it’s how effortlessly he reaches high notes. For bassist Johnathon Aherne, it’s the way he grooves around as if his bass is an extension of himself.

The band has welcomed guitarist and keyboardist Joseph Greer as a permanent member. At the El Rey, he really put in an effort when playing the tambourine, instead of just standing there hitting it in a boring fashion.

The Temper Trap disappeared for a moment after gaining so much exposure from being featured in  the movie 500 Days of Summer and touring a lot, but the band seems to be continuing to stay out of the shadows.